Easypix MyStudio studio kit for creators

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  • Complete studio kit for starting content creators
  • Perfect gift idea
  • Green screen for adding your own background
  • Tripod with a maximum height of 120 cm
  • LED ring light for good, even, shadow-free lighting
  • Adjustable video light brightness
  • Smartphone holder for easy filming
  • Lapel microphone for quality audio recording
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Easypix MyStudio studio kit for creators

Easypix MyStudio studio is the perfect vlog kit for creators. Are you to be the next big thing on YouTube? That just might happen with this vlog kit for content creators. MyStudio is a complete vlog kit for starting content creators: green screen with fastening material, tripod with video light and smartphone holder, microphone with extension cable, and USB-C to 3.5mm jack adaptor. This way you get everything you need in one go to bring out your creative side.

The green screen is a 2x3m background and comes with clamps and clips for easy setup. This screen lets you film in front of any imaginable background. All you need to do is download the free Chromavid app (iOS and Android) where you can change the background in a few easy steps. It works by turning everything green in the shot into the background photo or video of your choice. So it’s vitally important that you don’t wear a green top. Unless of course, you want a comic effect!

The tripod has a ring light for even, shadow-free exposure. The LED video light has adjustable brightness. Maximum tripod height of 120cm. The head also has a clamp with a smartphone holder that can be adjusted to the desired height. This way you’ll always find the right framing.

Every box ticked for good image quality, now for the audio. And that’s been taken care of too. MyStudio also includes a lapel microphone, which can be attached to a shirt lapel. Is cable too short? No worries, the kit includes an extension cable. Just in case, there’s also an adaptor for USB-C to 3.5mm jack, and Lightning (for iPhone) to 3.5mm jack.


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